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Discovering the trends that are relevant to you

Exploring the latest news across multiple industries, absorbing what's relevant and measuring the impact on your organization is a time-consuming effort. At Compass Pointe Consulting, we take the time to thoroughly educate ourselves about your business environment so that finding and interpreting only what matters to you becomes second nature.

The articles below help shed light on our philosophy related to recent news and other information:


Gifts To Charity In 2012 May Beat 2013 Taxwise
Nov. 30   ·  Read our take

Get Smarter About Philanthropy
Nov. 19   ·  Read our take

Seven pilot sites join national digital library project with Knight Foundation funding
Oct. 12   ·  Read our take

Giving to Health-Care Nonprofits Grew 8% in 2011, Study Finds
Oct. 1   ·  Read our take

#GivingTuesday Joins Black Friday and Cyber Monday among Holiday Shopping Days
Sept. 19   ·  Read our take

Charities Should Resist Drinking the 'Kool-Aid’ of Business Superiority
Sept. 16   ·  Read our take

Wealthiest Don’t Rate High on Giving Measure
Aug. 19   ·  Read our take

Recruiting Competent Board Members
Aug. 10   ·  Read our take

Fledgling Nonprofit Workers Love Their Jobs but Bear Financial Burdens
July 22   ·  Read our take

Most Big Companies Expect Flat Giving, Despite 2011 Gains
July 22   ·  Read our take

Returns of foundations plunge in FY2011
June 25   ·  Read our take

Any Supreme Court ruling hurts nonprofit hospitals
June 14   ·  Read our take

Why Foundations Need to Be Better Storytellers
May 25   ·  Read our take

Small Businesses Have a Big Impact on Communities, Economies, Philanthropy and Innovation
May 7  ·  Read our take

Andreessen Horowitz partners pledge half their earnings to philanthropy
April 26   ·  Read our take

The Stelter Company Personalizes Philanthropy Online with the Debut of Gift Illustrator
April 4   ·  Read our take

Family philanthropy key to successful wealth transfer
March 16   ·  Read our take

Philanthropy in the 21st Century: A Guide for Thinkers and Doers
March 8   ·  Read our take

Better Ways To Give It Away: Philanthropy 2.0
February 21   ·  Read our take

Breaking New Ground
February / March   ·  Read our take

Strong Holiday Giving Suggests Rosier Picture for 2012
January 31   ·  Read our take

Excitement Around Donations by Text Message Fades
January 12   ·  Read our take


Women Drive Philanthropic Decisions in Wealthy Households, but Nonprofits Must Work for Their Trust
December 12   ·  Read our take

Why Give?
December 1   ·  Read our take

A Potential $15-Billion Windfall for Effective Nonprofits
November 30   ·  Read our take

About National Philanthropy Day
November 15   ·  Read our take

County tries to woo corporate philanthropy
October 6   ·  Read our take

How to Activate Volunteers Using Social Media
October 6   ·  Read our take

Philanthropy’s Cutting Edge
September   ·  Read our take

Making Sure No Donor Gets the Same Thank-You Letter Twice
September 1   ·  Read our take

Charities Struggle With Smaller Wall Street Donations
August 30   ·  Read our take

Report Offers Recommendations to Boards of Directors for Ensuring Effectiveness of Corporate Giving Programs
August 2   ·  Read our take

Big companies beefed up their charitable giving last year
July 25   ·  Read our take

Study: Women Inspire Corporate Philanthropy
July 22   ·  Read our take

Rise in giving signals economic rebound
June 20   ·  Read our take

275,000 Groups Lose Tax Exemptions After Failing to File Paperwork With IRS
June 8  ·  Read our take

Giving to Charity by Managing Your E-Mail
May 27   ·  Read our take

Can You Know Where Charity Dollars Go? Not Easily
May 6   ·  Read our take

Book Explores Traits of High-impact Philanthropists
April 14   ·  Read our take

A Donor's Declaration of Independence
April 3   ·  Read our take

Charities Turn To Twitter To Boost Fundraising
March 31   ·  Read our take

More College Graduates Take Public Service Jobs
March 1   ·  Read our take

No Surprises, Rural Philanthropy Still Lags Behind
February 22   ·  Read our take

The Charity Divide: Study Shows Women More Generous Givers than Men
February 11   ·  Read our take

Pepsi, Google, Philanthropy, Social Media Style
January 31   ·  Read our take

More Capital-Area Nonprofits Join Fight to Aid the World
January 10   ·  Read our take


IRA Charitable Rollover Included in Final Tax Bill
December 21   ·  Read our take

Facebook's Zuckerberg joins Gates, Buffett in charity pledge
December 9   ·  Read our take

Q and A: The Differences Between Philanthropy in the West and the East
November 23   ·  Read our take

South Florida overlooked in national funding
November 12   ·  Read our take

Amid Recession, U.S. Companies Boost Non-Cash Giving
October 27   ·  Read our take

Donations Dropped 11% at Nation's Biggest Charities Last Year
October 17   ·  Read our take

Clinton: More companies integrating philanthropy
September 23   ·  Read our take

Philanthropy Not Just for the Wealthy
August 22   ·  Read our take

The Charitable-Giving Divide
August 20   ·  Read our take

Huge Sums Raised, Much Unspent, After Haiti Quake
July 13   ·  Read our take


Charitable Giving Is More Complicated Than It Seems
November 14   ·  Read our take

Philanthropy Thrives, Even With Reduced Resources
November 13   ·  Read our take

Answers to Questions on Philanthropy
November 12   ·  Read our take

Bank of America Unit Cuts Web-Based Charitable Funds to $5,000
November 4   ·  Read our take

USA TODAY Launches Philanthropy-themed Online Community
October 13   ·  Read our take


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