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Giving to Health-Care Nonprofits Grew 8% in 2011, Study Finds
Source: The Chronicle of Philanthropy  ·  Oct. 1, 2012  ·  Excerpt

Nonprofit health-care organizations raised a record $8.9-billion in 2011, as donations rose more than 8 percent, according to a new report by the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy.

The 2011 numbers eclipsed the previous record of $8.5-billion raised in 2008 and reflects more than a billion-dollar gain over the $7.6-billion raised in 2009.

Among the findings based on data from 469 hospitals and other health-care institutions:

• The number of donors grew by more than 2 percent last year, and the number of gifts increased by 4 percent.

• Hospitals raised the biggest share of the money by attracting gifts to their annual fund and raising money from wealthy people who made big gifts.

Slower Rise in Costs

Fundraising cost increases eased somewhat, according to the study. Organizations reported a less than 3-percent gain in 2011, down from a 4-percent rise the year before.

Academic institutions were the most efficient in fundraising, bringing in $7.58 in cash or pledges for every dollar spent on appeals. Young health-care organizations were the least productive, as those less than five years old raised $1.70 in cash or pledges for every dollar in fundraising costs.

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Our take
Trends in giving will vary widely among the many classes of donors, and there is just as much variance in the efficiency and productivity of organizations receiving charitable gifts. The example above indicates that donors see healthcare nonprofits as worthy recipients of their hard-earned dollars. Where does your organization fit into the picture, and what is its reputation among donors?

Compass Pointe can help answer these and other questions:

  • What are the current trends and attitudes about giving and toward organizations like mine?
  • How can my organization be more efficient with the charitable dollars it receives? In what ways should it be promoting transparency and publicizing positive results from spending?
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