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The Stelter Company Personalizes Philanthropy Online with the Debut of Gift Illustrator
Source:  ·  April 4, 2012  ·  Excerpt

The Stelter Company, the leader in Personal Philanthropy marketing services, today announced the formal launch of its Gift Illustrator tool. The new, free online tool increases interaction between nonprofits and donors by providing a user-friendly interface for exploring personal giving options and visually expressing the financial benefits that these gift types offer both the donor and the nonprofit.

Gift Illustrator allows donors, at various stages of life, to better understand how and when to support a nonprofit through a planned gift--a type of donation made today that benefits the nonprofit at some point in the future, sometimes to a much greater degree than otherwise thought possible.

"Americans are generous by nature, but few know about, or fully understand, the power of gift planning,” said Bev Hutney, Director of Innovation and Research at The Stelter Company. “Our research shows that less than 40 percent of Americans age 40 and above understand the term planned giving, so Stelter designed a simple, visual tool for nonprofits to educate and motivate donors."

Stelter has implemented Gift Illustrator across its nationwide customer base of more than 1,300 nonprofit websites. The tool allows donors to experiment with gift details such as donation amounts and payment rates, compare the results, and immediately make sense of the data. Users can print calculations or share the link with family or a financial advisor. Nonprofits interested in the technology may request a free version, or license a branded version for $295 per year, at

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Our take
At Compass Pointe, we consider it our job to not only conduct primary research to help you stay informed, but also to pass along news and advice about resources freely available from reliable third-parties. Stelter is a company that provides many in philanthropic consulting with useful tools and research on various key issues, and Gift Illustrator is only one of the most recent examples.

Other third-party tools may be relevant and available to your organization - let us help you not only find them, but determine how they can best be used toward achieving your goals:

  • What third-party resources are most reputable and reliable? How can I use them to make sound judgments and decisions related to my donors or constituents?
  • Does my organization conduct primary research that could possibly be developed into an interactive tool for others in my industry or area?


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