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County tries to woo corporate philanthropy
Source:  ·  October 6, 2011  ·  Excerpt

There is a wealth of large companies with a presence in Fairfax County that have corporate philanthropy programs.

However, those companies often are directing their charitable efforts outside of the county, according to Patti Stevens, director of the Office for Public Private Partnerships, now branded as OP3.

She recalled meeting with a company that was donating to a food bank in the District of Columbia, thinking there was no food program in Fairfax County.

Supervisor Catherine Hudgins (D-Hunter Mill) said she can think of examples where the county has failed to engage a new corporate citizen as soon as the company moved in. For example, Volkswagen, headquartered in Herndon, supports a women's shelter in Loudon County and sponsors sports teams in D.C.

Stevens and other county officials are working to educate businesses about ways to give back to the community through volunteerism, donated goods and services and cash contributions.

"A conversation can make a difference," she said. "There are companies out there that want to get involved."

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Our take
At Compass Pointe, we pride ourselves on staying informed about news and trends in philanthropy nationwide—an example like the one above can be instructive for virtually any local or regional community. It's important to recognize and understand the potential of corporate partnerships: in many cases, companies may be looking for organizations like yours to partner with directly.

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