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How to Activate Volunteers Using Social Media
Source: The Chronicle of Philanthropy  ·  October 6, 2011  ·  Excerpt

Social networks give nonprofits new opportunities to connect with volunteers. And a recent change by one of the world's largest social networks is making it even easier for charities to identify potential volunteers.

LinkedIn, a networking site designed to help people exchange information about their jobs and careers, recently added a new way for people to list unpaid work when they create online résumés through the site.

That move is shining a brighter spotlight on volunteering, says Robert Rosenthal, director of communications at VolunteerMatch, a Web site that connects nonprofits with volunteers.

"It's amazing, today, how many ways people have of telegraphing what they care about," Mr. Rosenthal says.

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Our take
As the example here illustrates, social media can be put to use in a variety of ways in the nonprofit community. For some, it is a channel for increasing online giving; for others, it's a way to more effectively mobilize and communicate with a base of volunteers. Regardless of where and how your organization operates, Compass Pointe has access to trends and best practices that can help you leverage social media successfully.

Contact us now for help answering these and other questions:

  • In what ways should my organization be using social networking websites like Facebook and LinkedIn to more effectively communicate? Are my prospective donors using these websites?
  • Given the resources at my disposal, how much time and expertise will be needed to maintain a realistic social media strategy?


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