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More Capital-Area Nonprofits Join Fight to Aid the World
Source: Sacramento Bee  ·  January 10, 2011  ·  Excerpt

Despite the recession, a growing number of area residents have enlisted in the war against some of the world's worst demons, including starvation and bad water, AIDS and other diseases, child labor, human trafficking and sexual slavery.

At least 121 nonprofits in the Sacramento area are dedicated to international relief – up from 36 in 2000 and 61 in 2005, according to Guidestar, which provides information on 1.8 million U.S. nonprofits. Sacramentans are finding other ways to help, too, battling poverty and misery on the ground.

Local doctors are flying to Myanmar, India, Vietnam and China to perform lifesaving surgeries, restore eyesight and treat disease and infections. A UC Davis student started a nonprofit to educate and feed Namibian children struggling with AIDS. Throughout the region, schoolchildren raise money for Haiti at bake sales and basketball games.

The fever to give – or give more – often starts with a spark that keeps on burning.

In 2005, Grass Valley builder Greg Zaller went to Pakistan to rebuild homes for quake victims and ended up building a school system for illiterate women and children. "It's just triggered something inside me," he said. "From day one, you couldn't stop me."

Our take
This example from Sacramento is instructive in several ways: first, it illustrates that even in times of recession, the motivation to "give back" among the general public, financially and otherwise, never dies. It also draws attention to back to the internet, as people are now more informed than ever about major social issues in their country and around the world.

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