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Huge Sums Raised, Much Unspent, After Haiti Quake
Source: National Public Radio  ·  July 13, 2010  ·  Excerpt

The charitable outpouring for Haiti has been huge. To date, Americans have phoned, texted and mailed in more than $1.3 billion, according to The Chronicle Of Philanthropy.

Much money was spent on immediate relief, but hundreds of millions of dollars remain in the coffers of nonprofit organizations from the American Red Cross to Oxfam.

The donations to Haiti almost equaled the money raised from Americans after the Southeast Asia tsunami of 2004. However, the donations for tsunami relief were distributed among several countries.

The charities directing aid to Haiti say they are spending the money wisely. Legally, American charities only have to account for their finances once a year at tax time.

Our take
With the Information Age has come a greater expectation of transparency—donors to your organization will expect to see how their dollars are being spent, and you too should demand this of the foundations and other nonprofits you interact with. Times of disaster and great need are when accurate tracking of dollars is most important.

At Compass Pointe, we understand how important transparency is and how oit can strengthen your relationship with donors. Contact us now for help answering these questions and more:

  • How do donors to my organization perceive the giving experience? Do they have a clear understanding of how their charitable dollars are being used?
  • Is my organization able to account for financial resources that are contributed to other nonprofits?


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