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Bank of America Unit Cuts Web-Based Charitable Funds to $5,000
Source:  ·  November 4, 2009  ·  Excerpt

To boost its philanthropic business, Bank of America Corp. will begin letting customers open donor-advised funds online with as little as $5,000, the company announced this morning.

An enhancement to the Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund, the Web-based account will be managed by Bank of America acting as a third party that disburses money to a wide range of Internal Revenue Service-approved charities, including nonprofit arts organizations, based on recommended grantees.

The new minimum contribution is one-tenth of the previous requirement of $50,000, Cary Grace, Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s national philanthropic management executive, said in a phone interview.

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Policy changes within the financial and service industries can have widespread impact - and may even reach your organization's bottom line. More importantly, they may change the way your prospective clients or donors interact with you and with each other.

  • How are methods of giving and financial practices changing in the new, more challenging economy?
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